Industrial Vibration: Monitoring, Processing and Assessment

We are experienced in tackling industrial vibration problems through vibration monitoring, signal processing and vibration assessment. While we provide a one-stop solution, our services can be customised based on your needs. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss your vibration problems with us.

1. Vibration Monitoring 

We are equipped with calibrated high sensitivity industrial and piezoelectric accelerometers (1000mV/g). Together with our data acquisition equipment, we are capable of monitoring signals in a wide range of frequencies i.e. from 0.8 Hz to 12 kHz. Our hardware is industrially accepted and can be deployed to various industrial environments. The accompanied signal processing software that we use has numerous programmable functions including data visualization, data logging and immediate signal feedbacks.

2. Signal Processing

With strong interests in digital signal processing, we have developed numerically verified programs that are reliable, visually presentable and easy to use. We often tailor our signal processing programs to suit our clients’ technical and budget requirements.

3. Vibration Assessment

We are well versed with code and standards for the assessment of industrial vibration problems. Our signal processing capabilities help to quantify various vibration parameters for assessment purpose. Coupled with our expertise in engineering simulations, we are also capable of offering useful solutions to mitigate undesirable vibration.