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Thermo-mechanical Creep Simulation

Contacts between dissimilar materials with different coefficient of thermal expansion causes uneven expansion of the components, leading to stress build-ups and creep formation causing cracks on the chip. Chip cracks could lead to component failure. The objective of this study is to evaluate the chip crack formation for the package with two types of soldering… Read More »Thermo-mechanical Creep Simulation

Cleanroom Airflow CFD Study for Sandisk Storage Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

A CFD study was carried out to aid in the design of a Class 1000 cleanroom without raised floors. Two design scenarios were considered: – Scenario 1: Analysis was carried out based on current fan filter unit (FFU), integrated return air chassis (RAC), and high level return (HLR) system, with current equipment layout. – Scenario… Read More »Cleanroom Airflow CFD Study for Sandisk Storage Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

BOG Heater bypass and outlet lines mixing flow CFD study for Damit Worley Parsons Engineering

Damit Worley Parsons requested a CFD study to determine the required mixing length for achieving a uniform temperature after gas mixing at the Boil-Off-Gas (BOG) Compressor Discharge Heater bypass and its outlet lines. The aim of this study is to determine an appropriate location for temperature sensors when the uniform temperature has been reached. Three… Read More »BOG Heater bypass and outlet lines mixing flow CFD study for Damit Worley Parsons Engineering

Acoustics Measurements at Bruker Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Acoustics baseline measurements were carried out for several points within the facility to facilitate the positioning of sensitive equipment within the production area…

PCBA Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis

As part of a thermal fatigue study for a PCB assembly, a conjugate heat transfer CFD analysis using Solidworks Flow Simulation was carried out to model the steady state temperature field of the PCBA board, subjected to specified ambient temperatures. The temperature field data was then transferred to ANSYS Mechanical for a consequent nonlinear static… Read More »PCBA Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis

Structural Analysis of LED Package

29 March 2019 – To identify the maximum principal stresses at the interfaces between the components of the package subjected to two temperature extremes. This analysis is crucial in determining the integrity of the components under extreme operation environment…

Vibration Controlled Pedestals Design, Installation and Commissioning Works for Unisem (M) Berhad

19 July 2019 – Vibration control design,  installation works and commissioning of several pedestals to support vibration sensitive lithography and metrology tools…

Vibration Monitoring of Hacking Activities at Intel Technology Sdn. Bhd. Penang, PG 2.1

13 July 2019 – Conduct vibration monitoring activity on a hacking site to ensure vibration levels comply to vibration limit of neighbouring transformer units…

Thermal Structural FEA Analysis for Optocoupler package

11 June 2019 – A thermal structural FEA analysis was carried out on an optocoupler package to assess the behavior and principle stresses of the package when it is cooled from stress-free temperature and then subsequently heated. Thermal loads imposed on the package reflect conditions of a reflow process…

Baseline Vibration Monitoring at HP Manufacturing (M), Batu Kawan

19 December 2018 – Conduct vibration monitoring activity on an area proposed for a cleanroom construction with vibration criteria of VC-B…

Vibration Control Design & Analysis using FEA for Seagate Factory at Batu Kawan Industrial Park, Penang

Vibration design and engineering of the building considering major vibration sources including environmental vibration (baseline), footfall, facility/support equipment etc. Engineering Analysis types performed including modal (resonant frequencies), harmonic (frequency domain) and transient (time domain)…

Vibration Assessment commissioned by First Solar Malaysia Sdn Bhd

21 June 2016 – MyCAE has been commissioned to conduct vibration monitoring and assessment services at First Solar by their main contractor, UGL (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd…

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